Section of Engineering Design and Manufacturing systems

The research within the section is driven by the need to develop more sustainable systems, products & services, plus the need to increase innovation efficiency and effectivity. The main results are theory contributions and methods supporting synthesis activities within engineering design & product development.

Solutions to societal challenges
The research within this Section is focused on four areas: Conceptualization, Product/ Service-Systems, Robust Design, and Modular Product Architecture Development. In the area of conceptualization focus is on developing quantitative models that in the early phases of development can support decisionmaking, concerning key properties, e.g. cost, quality and environmental footprint. The Product/Service-System group is directing much of its research into the areas of Sustainability and Circular Economy, where there is currently huge interest by industry. The main idea is to maximise value creation by utilising raw material and resources in circular systems, also known as circular models. The Robust Design group is developing design methods within the Variation Management Framework (VMF). This enables a faster transition from development to manufacturing and improves customer and manufacturing quality. The Modular Product Architecture Development group is developing quantitative models of modular product and manufacturing architectures. This enables faster time-to-market for new products and increases development efficiency and effectiveness.