Section of Engineering Design and Manufacturing Systems

The research in the section is driven by the need to develop advanced product and manufacturing systems with increased efficiency and effectivity. The main results are theory contributions and methods supporting synthesis of product and manufacturing systems.

Solutions to societal challenges
The research within this Section is focused on portfolio/risk management, robust design, bio inspired design, modular product and manufacturing development, systems engineering, AI supported product selection, and user driven design.

Within portfolio/risk management, the focus is on designing resilient systems within the energy sector. Robust design is focused on developing design methods within the variation management framework. This enables a faster and more smoot transition from development to manufacturing. Bio inspired design is focused on the development of new design models based on roles models from nature.

Within Systems engineering and modular architectures, we develop quantitative models of modular product and manufacturing architectures. This enables faster time-to-market for new products and increases development efficiency and effectiveness. Within user driven design, the focus is on design for the elderly.