Section of Manufacturing Engineering

The Section for Manufacturing Engineering performs theoretical, numerical, and experimental research in the field of manufacturing engineering. It covers a wide range of manufacturing processes and modelling approaches, metrology at all scales, micro/nano manufacturing, and additive manufacturing. The research is based on a multidisciplinary use of process technology, materials science, solid and fluid mechanics as well as thermodynamics and heat transfer in the analysis, modelling, and development of manufacturing processes. The research objective of this Section is to promote precision manufacturing to meet performance, durability, reliability, size, and cost requirements of modern products. Precision manufacturing is characterised by parts with tight tolerances and specific functional properties, often made in advanced materials with specific properties.

Solutions to societal challenges
The important societal challenge of increasing sustainability of production (both environmental and economical) sets the overall vision for the work in the section. This in particular involves adopting the Industry 4.0 framework in both teaching and research. This inherently involves two themes: a) establishing the digital twin of manufactured products by the combination of process monitoring by sensors and process modelling as well as b) increasing the focus on manufacturing processes, which are inherently born digital, such as additive manufacturing. A holistic approach is used where the entire chain from design over manufacturing to in-service use of products is analysed. As regards teaching, a strategic process has been initiated where the aim is to a) strengthen the application of digital tools in courses and projects as well as to b) teach how to apply and benefit from the digitalisation of production.